Pixel Paint 3D


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1. choose a color and depth

Each square extends along the 3rd axis

2. Paint and Preview

Fill in the grid to make your model

3. Export TO FILE

Export GLTF, FBX and VOX files so you can use your model in a game engine or another modeling tool.

More updates coming soon!

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Hi, I'm Michael

In 2020, I tried making a 3D Escape Room game I could play with friends. I got pretty far, but making a game takes a really long time for an indie game developer. So in 2021 I decided to focus on making tools that speed up the game development process for indie games.I hope this will help everyone focus more on game design and storytelling instead of spending days making a door open.Currently I am focused on 3D modeling, but in the future I also want to tackle animation, level design, and online multiplayer. If you have ever spent days on something you wish would take minutes, please reach out and tell me!


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